The new footwear “FS”, the first product of iGUANEYE to be revealed in Japan, is designed in pursuit of allowing you to walk in as natural a state as possible, as close to being barefoot as possible; to walk while feeling the environment and your own body. The aim is nothing less than footwear with the minimal styling of sandals, allowing you to move however you please, and yet also providing the comfortable feeling of being barefoot.

The source of inspiration for this footwear comes from the lifestyle of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, in a time long before Columbus discovered America. These natives would dip their feet in latex from a rubber tree, and then smoke it to harden it, creating a layer of protection for their feet. This “second skin” allowed them to run freely around the jungle, jumping and dancing on every kind of surface.

Neither shoes nor sandals, “FS” are completely new footwear that combine structural beauty and elegant movement in one. 9 colors for the body and 6 for the insole offer a total of 54 different combinations.

Price: ¥10,500 (excluding tax)
Size:   10 Sizes  EUR 34〜43 (21.5cm~27.7cm)

This is the first iGUANEYE store in the world. Based in revolutionary product concepts, the ideas for the creation of space also seek to promote the flexible expansion of thought processes through applying algorithmic methods. While possessed of the functionality of a space for selling products, it also reconstructs the relationship between humans and space, providing a revolutionary new “form” of space. This will surely become a bridge between the primitive memories that reside within us and the technology that shows us the potential of the future.

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